Tillandsia magic ball design

The name of the Tillandsia Magic Ball says it all: This plant is magical! The plant begins as a green sphere, but after a while it will be more reddish and finally it will show flowers. When the flowers are dying, the ball turn green again. Then the process begins again. Tillandsia’s are one of the most powerful plants in the world and can tolerate all temperatures.

Product details

The magic ball is available in two sizes:

  • Medium: height 35 cm, diameter ring 15 cm
  • Large: height 35 cm, diameter ring 17 cm

Attention: there may be a difference in the shape of the plant.

Plant care

Tillandsia’s are one of the strongest plants in de world. Spray them twice a week with chalk free water (rainwater). By lime in tap water will clog the Tillandsia scales. From June to September you can hung the Tillandsia’s outside.