Surprise your employees or relations with a Plantophile gift

A perfect Plantophile Christmas gift or a gift for your stakeholders, Personalized with your own logo and delivered complete or as a DIY set.


Retail & Resellers

As a business, we are pleased to offer our products on a wholesale basis to resellers. Our extensive collection is carefully curated into themes and product ranges, making it easy for our resellers to create a stunning Plantophile display in their stores. We maintain a large inventory and are able to quickly fulfill orders and deliver to all European countries. We are confident that our commitment to sustainability and the high quality of our products will make Plantophile a valuable asset to your business. Thank you for considering us as a supplier.

Plantophile’s business gifts

We help companies to make “the Green statement” with their business gifts.

We want to help you find special and sustainable gifts for your employees and relations, for Christmas or any other occasion that fits a green lifestyle. We have made a selection of the most trendy and beautiful packages fitting for every interior!

Hotel decorations

Hotels and restaurants are nowadays more and more concerned about sustainability. The green decoration, especially big flower bouquets are not sustainable and are one of the first things to be replaced.

We offer high-end green decoration that won’t perish, no care is needed, and has been produced in a sustainable way. The secret of our terrariums is the self-nurturing ECO system within the vase.