Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ: When do you have a new collection?2020-02-22T17:55:04+01:00

We change our collection twice in a year. We do this every June and December.

FAQ: How do I take care of my product?2020-02-22T17:54:49+01:00

All the care instructions you can find through our “Collection” page.

FAQ: Where to buy Plantophile?2020-02-22T17:53:52+01:00

A view products of our latest collection you can find in our webshop. Other products you can find in the stores of our resellers. If you go to the “find a store” page you request an overview of all our resellers.

FAQ: How can I become a reseller?2020-02-22T17:54:25+01:00

Go to the “Wholesale”page to find out how you can become a dealer.

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