Plants terrarium – ecosystem 5 plants – DIY


This terrarium will be build and enjoyed by yourself. Buy it now for yourself or as a present for a special person.

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This beautiful terrarium will give you a lot of joy and will make you feel proud because you have made it yourself.

The terrariums will be delivered in several components :

  1. Recycled XL vase with beautiful robust cork
  2. plants (Fittonia, Calathea, Peperomia and Ficus)
  3. soil and moss
  4. stones, small stones for the bottom and a couple of bigger decorative stones for the finishing touch

With the enclosed instruction flyer you can easily build your own terrarium.

This closes ecosystem will need no further care and you can enjoy it for years.

In case of extreme temperature you might observe too much humidity inside the glass, the only thing to do is to open the lid for a couple of hours. Don’t forget to put it back !


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